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About Us

A pile of Jumperkit wires 

A brief history of the "Jumperkit"

(also known as "Adapter Kits" #18001.10-KIT)

This product was originally sold by Visual Productions, Inc (VPI) to General Motors Service Technologies Group (GMSTG ) back in the day when they were still around. GMSTG gave them out to service technicians who attended their training sessions. They trained the technicians in the use of the Jumperkit wires for diagnosis of problems with automobile electrical systems. The test leads found in the Jumperkit fit exactly into the pin and socket of wire terminals found in common automotive electrical connectors. VPI sold thousands of these Jumperkits to GMSTG and as a result, many of the trained technicians loved them and continue to use them today. They have been sold largely by word of mouth since.

In May of 2009, VPI turned over selling the Jumperkits to Effective Systems, LLC. The kits continue to be manufactured with the same quality parts and care that VPI offered.
In August of 2013, a new company; Jumperkits, LLC was formed by the same owners to better establish the brand in the market place.

Effective Systems, LLC continues to support the website. Jumperkits, LLC has taken over the product line and marketing efforts.

We would love to hear any suggestions you might have that would help us to improve the product! Click here to send us an email thru the Contact Us page